Nascar vs Formula 1


In truth it would be hard to imagine two racing series that are more different than NASCAR and Formula 1. Formula 1 racing is the epitome of high tech, the cars have more in common with the aerospace industry than they do with cars. They are made out of exotic materials like carbon fiber and have high revving engines that can approach 20 000 RPM. The cars are largely run by computers, if you ever get a chance to look at an F1 cars steering wheel you will be shocked at all of the buttons and lights it has on it, this is all part of the computers that are used to run the cars.

NASCAR on other hand is decidedly low tech, in fact they are at least thirty years behind the cars that are on the road today. You would be hard pressed to find a car on the road that has carburetor for example but this is what NASCAR still uses. The cars are made out of steel tube and although the engines produce a great deal of power they are nowhere near as sophisticated as those in a F1 car.

In terms of performance there is really no comparison between F1 and NASCAR, an F1 car produces more power and weighs less than half of what a NASCAR does. While the top speeds of the cars are similar it is in both acceleration and braking that an F1 car leaves a NASCAR in dust. In fact it is the brakes that are probably the most impressive feature of an F1 car as they allow it to stop from full speed in an incredibly short distance.

One of the reasons that F1 cars put so much focus on acceleration and braking is that all of their races are on road courses, that is tracks with several corners that go in each direction. NASCAR on the other hand race almost exclusively on oval tracks. This naturally puts braking and accelerating and a premium in F1 whereas top speed is the main focus for a NASCAR.

One other difference between NASCAR and F1 is that in NASCAR all of the cars are basically the same. If you go online and look up basic NASCAR Sprint Cup information you will notice that there are very strict rules that are designed to keep all of the cars basically the same design so that they will perform at about the same level. In Formula 1 on the other hand each team is required to build its own car which makes them all very different as the rules they have to comply to are pretty generous. The result is that there is more of a difference between the top cars and the bottom cars in F1. There is also a huge difference in costs with a top F1 team costing well over a hundred million dollars to run, a NASCAR team is nowhere near this expensive.

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